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Let us help you promote and grow your business!

We have an audience large enough to be able to say, with confidence, that on average, we reach people for less than a penny per person. We have over thirty years of experience broadcasting live and local radio. We are 100% Aroostook County owned and operated. We have never gone dark, bankrupt, changed formats or been sold.

Our International Broadcast
We deliver to Aroostook County, Western New Brunswick, and South Eastern Quesbec. From Island Falls, ME and Woodstock, NB to Fort Kent, /Madawaskatoas far north as Riviere du Loup, Quebec.
Not just the larger cities of: Presque isle/Caribou, ME and Edmundston/Grand Falls, NB

Our 4 Transmitters/Towers
Overcoming terrain challenges that shut out the others.
We deliver an “Adult Mix (60’s to today)” with heavy focus on Local-Regional News, Weather and Sports
- Core Target audience:M/F, 25-64
- Home to the only Live and Local Morning Show north of Bangor.

Local News in the AM and PM
(…and more of it than any other station)

Multiple awards from the Maine Association of Broadcasters–A “Wall of Fame” in fact.
Home to three broadcaster who have been honored with "Maine Broadcasters of the Year" and "Hall of Fame".

Our DJs are Local
Aroostook On-Air Personalities:
AM Drive : Gerry J., Robert Hohman
Mid-Days / PM Drive: Damian Languell
Evenings + Saturday Night Oldies Show: Pete Edwards
Overnight’s : Vanessa Pearl

CBS NEWS- top of every hour - No day-long generic Satellite feeds-
Time Checks 24/7, Weather 2X an hour...and a Mon-Sun listing of Birthdays/Anniversaries that salute 30-40 listeners….daily.

We Broadcast Local Events
More commercial “Live on Location” coverage than all other radio stations combined - Fairs, Festivals, Derby’s, Special Events, Tournaments from Augusta to Bangor to Northern Maine…and Madawaska, Victoria, Carleton Counties, New Brunswick.

-Result driven references Available!

Contact our Regional Marketing Team for available advertising packages. References from our clients are available upon request.
Mark Stewert or Carla Thibodeau
207-473-7513 or 1-800-660-9298
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

National Representation:
The Tacher Company, Peter Larsen
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WCXU, 97.7 Mhz, Caribou, Presque Isle, ME & Plaster Rock to Florenceville, NB
WCXX, 102.3Mhz, Madawaska, ME &Edmundston, NB to Temiscouata, Quebec
WCXV, 98.1 Mhz, Van Buren, ME & Grand Falls, Saint Leonard to St Quentin, NB
W276AY, 103.1 Mhz, Fort Kent, Clair

Population reached
We serve a huge area! We might be bigger then you thought and to us …there is no border with Canada. They come here to shop and need to pass through for all points south.

171,000- Northern Maine, Western New Brunswick + our portion of Quebec
Aroostook County, ME: 70,000
Madawaska County, NB: 32,741
Victoria County, NB: 18,617
Carleton County, NB: 26,220
Temiscouata, PQ: 23,348

The Channel X Radio population served is more than Portland, Lewiston, Bangor- combined.
How many radio stations “deep” would you have to buy for comparable coverage…and at what cost?
You’d have to buy 8 weekly newspapers just to reach the same audience.
There are 500+ Cable/Satellite/Over the air TV choices…and the Presque Isle commercial TV penetration in New Brunswick, Canada is restricted to but one of the two major cable companies.
In the Channel X Radio coverage area there are 12 different financial institutions,7 Hospitals, 6 Universities/Community Colleges and even 15 Tim Hortons Restaurants …and 90% have all worked with us in the past year. 

Our Stations & Broadcasting Areas

| W276AY 103.1 FM FORT KENT, CLAIR |

Get in Touch

Telephone: 800-660-9298
152 East Green Ridge Road
Caribou, Maine 04736-3737